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Relieves Learning Stress

Brain and Body Works uses a comprehensive therapy based on principles of applied physiology and acupressure known as Brain Integration. Therapy is designed to improve learning ability, creativity, and physical coordination by pinpointing and relieving areas of blockage and stress in the brain that affect learning and function.

Brain and Body Works performs therapy in conjunction with input from parents, teachers, tutors, psychologists and health care professionals. This therapy specifically relieves stress as it affects aptitude, behavior, motivation, and performance during learning.

Stress Alters Brain Function

The human brain performs extremely complicated electromagnetic functions and like any other organ the brain may display symptoms of stress. When the brain is stressed, blood flow is redirected to the body for a "fight or flight" response. This redirection of blood flow essentially shuts down centers in the brain responsible for logic and creativity.

Depending on stress level and individual responses the brain may produce blood flow blockages resulting in a loss of synchronization and organization of brain function. Clear thinking becomes difficult if not impossible. Additional stress results when we blame ourselves for not trying harder and increases when our peers, parents or teachers link our deficits to a lack of intelligence. A cycle of stress, "switching off" and even more stress becomes a pattern which is difficult if not impossible for young minds to change. Unknowingly the brain "switches off" when presented with learning new concepts and experiences.

Brain Integration Therapy will help children and adults by removing the blockages to blood flow which have been "switched off" resulting in an improved ability to learn.


Excellent results are achievable in the following areas:

   • Reading skills and comprehension
   • Spelling
   • Mathematics comprehension and performance
   • Creativity
   • Writing skill
   • Physical coordination
   • Self-esteem
   • Behavioral problems relating to learning difficulties, emotional stress or environmental triggers

Executives may want Brain Integration Therapy to maximize:

   • Organizational skills, including goal setting and achievement and planning 
   • Creativity
   • Problem solving
   • Public speaking 
   • Interpersonal relationships

Brain & Body Works In Action

Brain integration corrections are made using muscle monitoring, acupressure, left/right brain integration and emotional stress release.

Each client is treated on an individual basis. While balancing programs are designed to achieve specific goals.

Some Signs of Potential Learning Stress

- Test anxiety
- Short attention span
- Lack of self-confidence
- Poor reading comprehension
- Inability to finish projects
- Difficulty concentrating
- Spelling problems
- Letter or number reversal
- Overactivity/Underactivity
- Poor eye/hand coordination
- Poor handwriting
- Restlessness or impatience
- Allergies
- Inappropriate drowsiness
- Mood swings
- Accident prone
- Poor organizational skills
- Difficulty following or giving directions
- “Giving up” on frustrating activities
- Eye strain

The problems are potential indicators of learning difficulties, dyslexia, attention deficit disorder (ADD) with or without hyperactivity and are usually caused by stress, whether environmental, emotional or cultural.

Additional Information about BIT

Breaking the Learning Barrier: Eradicating ADD, ADHD, and Dyslexia, by Susan J McCrossin, AP $18.95 + shipping (+ tax for Colorado).


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